Buster and the Amazing Daisy: Adventures with Asperger Syndrome
by Nancy Ogaz. 2002. ISBN: 184310721X Distributed for Jessica Kingsley Publishers by UBC Press in Canada. $19.95 Paperback

“Daisy White was not crazy. Clumsy maybe, but definitely not crazy. In this exciting adventure story, Daisy, who has Autism, defeats her bullies and overcomes her fears with the help of Buster, a very special rabbit. All is going well until a terrible fate threatens Daisy’s new friend Cody. Will Daisy be able to gather her courage and special talents to save him?

Buster and the Amazing Daisy is not just a humorous and engaging story. It will also give its readers an insight into the hopes and dreams, as well as the fears and frustrations, of many children with Autism.”
Summary and outline of chapters
Review by Sibyl Bansal