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OAARSN offers information and communication tools to connect adults with Autism, family members, caregivers, friends, support workers, teachers, administrators and policymakers. We can all benefit from the opportunities for mutual support and encouragement and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Our efforts to promote positive approaches and best practices in supporting adults with Autism can help all who live and work on the front lines.

Creating a Home and Good Life of my Own: The GSA Model

There are many factors in creating a good life for all people with a disability, especially those with complex high needs. They include supported decision-making; person-directed planning; facilitation of personal supports; direct, individualized funding; building community capacity; and inclusion.

GSA’s model Housing Trust includes all these factors and its various agreements are described below. Earlier and more detailed versions of the “GSA Manual” were published as books entitled Creating a Home and Good Life of my Own in 2008 and 2012.  

You are welcome to study, be inspired by, quote and copy this material. We hope to post information about other creative models. But GSA and the authors disclaim any responsibility for any use that may be made of these documents, or any modifications to them. Please consult your legal professionals.

Click each title below to learn more. (PDF files)

Chapter 1: GSA’s Roles as Housing Trust

Chapter 2: Listening to the Person with Model Decision-Making Agreement

Chapter 3: Aroha Entities for Personal Support with Model Agreement

Chapter 4: Affording a Home of My Own: Model Agreement with Family Lenders

Chapter 5: Rights Recognized in Model Occupancy Agreement

Chapter 6: Lifesharing in my Home and Model Agreement

Chapter 7: Holding Everything Together with Model Personal Support Agreement

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