Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network - OAARSN

Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network

OAARSN offers information and communication tools to connect adults with Autism, family members, caregivers, friends, support workers, teachers, administrators and policymakers. We can all benefit from the opportunities for mutual support and encouragement and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Our efforts to promote positive approaches and best practices in supporting adults with Autism can help all who live and work on the front lines.

About the OAARSN Listserv

History of Listserv and OAARSN

The original OAARSN came into being at the turn of the millennium, dedicated to adults on the Autism spectrum and those who care about them. While we explained our focus on adults, OAARSN attracted attention also from those concerned with children and youth. Since then, Internet information sources have exploded though not so much about adult issues. OAARSN has sharpened its focus on the more severe forms of Autism and co-occurring conditions in adults. We also found that some creative strategies developed for adults with Autism could help others with high and complex needs.

Interdependence of Listserv and website

The OAARSN website and OAARSN Listserv are complementary. The OAARSN website is a reflective synthesis, more like a small reference library: visitors can browse the whole site or search for material using keywords. The Listserv resembles a community newspaper in providing subscribers with bulletins announcing Autism news, events, resources, surveys, petitions and advocacy about issues, and new content on the OAARSN website. The Adult Autism News for 10 October 2011, for example, noted that “October is Canadian Autism Awareness Month” and announced details of four news stories, six events, three surveys, and four video or print resources including the memoir of a Canadian who types to talk as he cannot speak with his voice.

The interdependence of OAARSN website and Listserv works both ways. Inequalities and service gaps, first raised in Listserv bulletin items, can be kindled into major issues or resources that find places on the OAARSN website. This happened with the OAARSN book reviews, begun in mid-2000 in the Listserv bulletins, that have been grouped in a special section of the 2021 website. Listserv discussions of the need for better communication support and the rights of people to lead their own lives in a home of their own are reflected in insightful coverage of these issues on the website.

Reaching Us Via the Contact Form

We welcome your bright ideas of creative strategies and resources to make the world a better place with the vulnerable people we care about. A good way to share these is through the contact form on the OAARSN website.

Our email address for matters related to the content of the OAARSN website and the OAARSN Listserv bulletins is info@oaarsn.ca

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  • Please note: The OAARSN service is for information and awareness. We cannot endorse or be held responsible for the validity of any information or the value of any therapy or service. Nor do we necessarily agree with opinions that may be expressed. We support freedom of information and expression and encourage everyone to try to see all sides of issues and to understand the viewpoints of others.

Posting a Notice

Please send submissions for the OAARSN news bulletin in plain text format by email to info@oaarsn.ca
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Please provide key details of the following:

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Please note that OAARSN provides resources for information purposes only. We do not endorse any treatment, program, product or service. The contents of this website are not medical, legal, technical or therapeutic advice. Information should be reviewed with qualified professionals. We will not be held responsible for misuse of information or for any adverse effects of recommendations mentioned on this website or on any other websites linked to it. Views, opinions or announcements posted by subscribers to any area of this site do not necessarily reflect those of OAARSN and we do not assume responsibility for any discrepancies or errors.